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Zinaich Capital and Risk Management is a full-service Financial Planning practice specializing in Estate Planning, Business Planning, Charitable Planning, and the Management of Assets for its Private Client Group. Our clients have found in Zinaich Capital and Risk Management a mutually beneficial relationship that revolves around the canons of trust, knowledge, mutual respect, and experience. Our clients are pleased to avail themselves of advice that is client-centric, well researched, and unequaled in the industry.  Click here to learn more about us.
Zinaich Capital and Risk Management has been blessed with many wonderful clients that have done their due diligence and have chosen us as their provider of financial advice. Zinaich Capital and Risk Management is a firm that values what its clients value, a firm that listens to what their goals are, and then shows them different options on how to achieve those goals. Each client presents a different puzzle to solve, and the most effective way in which to do this is to work together. This cooperation does not end once a plan is in place. After a plan has been implemented, it is crucial that both parties are communicating on a regular basis to ensure that the plan is effective, and to make changes when necessary due to life changing events: death, birth, retirement, moving, financial market turmoil, loss of a job, inheritance, and any other event that could have an impact financially.

Zinaich Capital and Risk Management welcomes your inquiry to learn more about our firm, and would be pleased to schedule a one on one meeting with you. A due diligence first appointment is an investment of time that we make in each other so that we may explore, together, whether or not a symbiotic relationship is possible. If you find yourself seeking professional, consultative advice on how to effectively navigate life's financial corridors, then please reach out to us. There is no charge for a first appointment.  Click here to contact us.

Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Founders Financial Securities, LLC
Member FINRA , SIPC and Registered Investment Advisor.
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